Who Are We

COGGO is a public company limited by guarantee, incorporated in 2000 to invest in Research & Development for the benefit of grain growers in Western Australia.  The Company is audited annually with the Annual Financial and Audit Report being published on this website.

The Council of Grain Grower Organisations Ltd (COGGO) is the product of a vision held by innovative grain growers in Western Australia. In 1997, 10 Western Australian grain-grower organisations joined together to give local growers a voice and a stake in plant breeding.

In the same year, grower members took the first step in controlling their own future by voluntarily contributing 0.5% of their net farm-gate value of production for investment in plant breeding and associated R&D through COGGO. This contribution is  playing a major role in assisting Western Australia to maintain its market competitiveness and viability in the grains industry.