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A call for a new round of research projects to benefit West Australian grain growers has been made by the Council of Grain Grower Organisations (COGGO).

COGGO is looking to fund new innovative ideas for start-up R&D projects commencing in 2019 to benefit growers in the Western Australian grains industry.

In announcing the call for Expressions of Interest Rhys Turton the Chairman of COGGO said “COGGO remains committed to the catalytic funding of local research and development projects aimed at improving the profitable growing of grain crops in Western Australia”.

Projects funding ranges between $20,000 up to $100,000 for a one or two year project, and is allocated on a competitive basis to projects which offer clear benefits to Western Australian grain growers as a result of that research.

“COGGO gets applications for projects from a broad range of applicants and has funded projects from grower groups, universities, CSIRO, the State Government’s agriculture department and agricultural consultants”, Mr Turton said, “COGGO has funded 47 projects over the past six years”.

Topics tackled in these projects in the past year included evaluating the use of a naturally occurring fungus to control aphids, summer cropping options for high rainfall areas, evaluating high vigour reduced tillering wheat in low rainfall environments, cost effective mechanical management of crop residues and the evaluation of multispectral sensors on drones, analytics programs and mapping software. 

“Our aim is to use COGGO funding to test new ideas to a proof of concept stage for possible further funding from government, grower and companies for funding,” he said.

The Council of Grain Growers Organisations Limited (COGGO) established the COGGO Research Fund to invest in innovative research and development projects across the whole supply chain that can demonstrate a direct benefit to Western Australian grain growers.  It is focused on funding catalytic or start up “proof of concept” research that can lead to further development using GRDC or commercial funding.

The COGGO Research Fund is financed through a voluntary levy collected from Western Australian grain growers who are members of COGGO with the cooperation of grain acquisition and marketing companies.   All WA grain growers are eligible to become members of COGGO.

The Grain Industry Association of Western Australia (GIWA) Inc is administering the COGGO Research Fund on behalf of COGGO. Further information and an “Expression of Interest” application form is available from the GIWA website at or by phoning (08) 6262 2128.

The closing date for initial Expressions of Interest is Tuesday 3rd July, 2018.  Those applicants who have their Expression of Interest accepted will then be invited to submit a Project proposal.

 COGGO Research Fund 2019 Expressions of Interest Information and Application Form

COGGO Research Fund 2018 Flyer


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