How We Work

Members' voluntary contributions are received by COGGO via the Grain Marketing companies who deduct 0.5% from grain sales, nominated by the members.  Annually, COGGO calls for applications for funding of local R&D Projects, which could benefit Western Australian Grain Growers.

Projects are funded from the start of each financial year and are for a maximum of 2 years.  The maximum funding is $50,000 per year per project. Regular reports are required from recipients for funding continuity with updates and the final report being published on this website.

The keys to understanding how COGGO works are:

  • the voluntary contribution;
  • Research and development investments by COGGO to assist in the delivery of improved profitability for the WA grains industry; and
  • the possibility of annual dividends providing projects funded are deemed innovative
  • the possibility of future dividends should any of the funded intellectual property result in a commercial return to COGGO.