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Nitrogen decisions made easy.

The new Nitrogen app called N-Broadacre is the highest selling nitrogen decision tool in Western Australia. The iPad based tool was produced by consultancy company Planfarm Pty Ltd. with funding from the Western Australian Council of Grain Growers Organisations (COGGO).

Currently 260 apps have been sold to agronomists and consultants who are using it to simplify their nitrogen decisions. This is well above expectation and the comments below from farmers using N-Broadacre may indicate why.

“N-Broadacre can be as simple or as complex as you like. It is very quick to come up with a recommendation. It’s well laid out and easy to use and I tend to use it the most when I am out in the paddock looking at the crops.” Glenn Thomas (Tawarri Farms) – Mullewa, Western Australia.

“N-Broadacre doesn’t take the place of a nutrition person but is a really good guide. I found the layout of N-Broadacre very straight forward for someone who is not really a computer person”. Chris Gillam (Gillam Farms) Irwin, Western Australia.

Another factor contributing to the high uptake of the new tool is that this year growers needed to be on their A-Game when deciding on N rates for various paddocks. Richard Quinlan from Planfarm said a clear understanding of N requirements was needed this year for the following reasons:
* “There was a wide range of soil test nitrate levels in paddocks this year. I have seen nitrate levels varying from 5ppm to 49ppm. This is equivalent to spreading from 14kg/ha to 149kg/ha of urea on the paddock! Clearly there are considerable savings to be had by taking this into account.”

* “Rainfall has varied considerably across the state. The Rainfall Yield Potential calculator in N-Broadacre helps keep yield expectations entered into N-Broadacre ‘realistic’ therefore keeping N recommendations realistic.”

* “There are many factors that need to be taken into account when deciding on the optimum N rate for your various paddocks. N Broadacre has enough levers to do this effectively.”

* “There may well be more incentive than ever at harvest for hitting the right protein target for the wheat segregation you are delivering to. N-Broadacre takes protein target into account when determining N rate.”

COGGO chairman Chis Wilkins said “It was very pleasing to see another project successfully delivered with the effective use of COGGO Research and Development funds”. He pointed out that the project helps deliver on the Board’s key focus of providing clear benefits to Western Australian grain growers.

Mr Wilkins said that “Planfarm delivered a project which provides a simple and accurate iPad app for determining in-season nitrogen applications.”

Some of the key reasons why are:
* N-Broadacre is simple to use.
It has been designed for growers to use without instruction other than that contained in the App.

* N-Broadacre allows users to quickly determine how much nitrogen crops require to achieve a target yield and grain protein content.

* N-Broadacre is calibrated for Wheat, Barley and Canola and helps growers avoid over and under use of fertiliser nitrogen.

* N Broadacre calculates how much crop available nitrogen is in the soil profile and what crop yield this nitrogen will support.

* N Broadacre also calculates the yield potential of the paddock from the rainfall it has received. Using these two results growers can use n-Broadacre to calculate how much extra N the crop will require to reach the target yield potential.

* N Broadacre can use soil tests from any lab.

* Once downloaded N Broadacre doesn’t need internet connection and can be used in the field while looking at the crop which will help growers and agronomists better estimate yield potential.

* N Broadacre has been calibrated to Western Australian conditions over the last 5 years. Funding by the Council of Grain Grower Organisations (COGGO) enabled Planfarm Pty Ltd to turn desk-bound information into a mobile App.

* N-Broadacre is now available from the Apple Store for $20. Search for “N-Broadacre”.

Richard Quinlan concluded by pointing out that growers should contact their preferred agronomist for more information on N Broadacre or for a demonstration of the N Broadacre App.
Media Contacts:

For information on the development and use of N Broadacre contact:
Richard Quinlan
Planfarm: 0428648828

For information on COGGO contact:

Chris Wilkins
Chair COGGO Limited
Phone: 0427 940 925

Company Secretary COGGO Limited
Phone: (08) 9310 2636
Fax: (08) 6102 3757

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