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COGGO members continue to invest in their future 

3 December 2015 

Member funded research grants distributed through the Council of Grain Growers Organisations (COGGO) have broken through the $8 million mark with the latest grants set to be announced next week. 

Over $600,000 in grants for 12 projects has been approved by COGGO for 2016.

This takes the total, since COGGO’s refocus in 2012 on providing funds for innovative research and development to the WA grains industry, to over $2.1 million dollars. 

Prior to its 2012 commitment to only focus on R&D funding, COGGO was also involved in the 
breeding of crop varieties and management of these programs. 

According to COGGO Chairman Chris Wilkins, Western Australia’s climate has changed noticeably over the past 40 years which has severely affected the State’s grain growing areas. 

“Some areas now receive only half of the annual rainfall they used to receive and this is now the climatic and economic reality that growers are facing,” he said. 

As a result of less rainfall and its consequential economic impacts, the number of grain growers in Western Australia has dramatically reduced. 

“COGGO has directly developed and funded new and improved crop varieties that are able to 
withstand the increase in temperatures, the decrease in rainfall and are more disease and salt 
tolerant, while at the same time our general R&D focus has aimed at increasing grower 
profitability,” Mr Wilkins said. 

“This should result in more growers being able to sustain a decent living and remain on their 

Mr Wilkins was also excited by the pending announcement of a new and innovative initiative from COGGO that will be announced early in the New Year. 

“We have identified an area of farm management and development that to date has been 
overlooked and are looking forward to announcing what we believe will be a greatly welcomed 

“We have also just revamped our website to be more engaging and useful to our members and the wider community. 

COGGO is a public company formed by a large majority of West Australian 
grain growers concerned about inadequate resources being allocated to 
research in the State. It is a general R&D funder which facilitates grants to 
applicants who can demonstrate innovative and productive ideas that will 
benefit the general grain industry, or for geographic or crop specific sectors of 
that industry. Grain grower members contribute annually to this fund. 

“Your website is your shop window and if that window is not inviting, people won’t come into your store. We believe our site is now more reflective of COGGO as an innovative and engaging organisation,” he said. 

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